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 Q&A Request of Mateusz Skutnik 5-1-2018 
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He was half shamed I think about the stream. He said something like should I do this ever again?

17 Jan 2018 12:33
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YES! Yes he should! Because I enjoyed it a lot! Just discussing the lore, learning new things. It'd be really interesting.

"We didn't leave the Stone Age, because we ran out of stones."

17 Jan 2018 13:27
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I will. Probably tomorrow (today regular submachine watercolor).

I wasn't ashamed, just asking if it was good for you all or not.


17 Jan 2018 13:51
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Mateusz, any stream footage which wasn't a test is worth uploading. ESPECIALY with awesome facial expressions and you talking :D

17 Jan 2018 14:00
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Ok, I'll keep that in mind.


17 Jan 2018 14:17
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As I said Reed and I transcribed some of the stream before it was taken down. Reed has given me her permission to post the combination of both things. Enjoy:

Stream title: "Researching Subnet article facts • tuesday morning"
Date: 16th of January, 2018
Original link:


Mat: Hi, Roxane, how are you doing today?

[2roxane2 answered in the chat: “good, how about you?”]

Mat: Good too.

[Mateusz writes down on Notepad: “info about 2017 subnet updates for the article:”]

[Mateusz opens his “subnet devlog” on Google Docs.]

[Mateusz opens Submachine Universe.]

[Mateusz fiddles with the placement of the different open windows on screen.]

Mat: Almost forgot that I did this… close button. I was looking for it over there. It was a last minute change… [I] added.

Mat: Also, the escape button doesn’t work, and it… It works in GameMaker, not, not in Flash.

[Slams a key on the keyboard harshly thrice.]

Mat: Can you hear me well, guys? Is the audio levels okay? Music and… and the speech?

[2roxane2 answered in the chat: “all good”.]

Mat: Okay.

[Mateusz sighs.]

Mat: First of all, I’m trying to, uhh… gather information about actually how much did I do of… of updating the Subnet in… last year.

[Scrolls the “subnet devlog” for emphasis.]

Mat: Here’s the… rundown, but I wanna check with the, the, err, ish, with the gamefile. How many rooms and how many locations?

Mat: Ya hear my clicks?

[Rapidly and violently clicks the mouse.]

[Mateusz fiddles with the red tiles in his inventory in Submachine Universe.]

[2roxane2 says: “I had never seen those red gems in the inventory, they look nice.”]

Mat: This one?

Mat: That tells me you haven’t played the Submachine, til the end. That last update, from December.

[2roxane2 says: “I haven't played the latest update, that's why”]

[2roxane2 says: ”I should get on that !”]

Mat: You definitely should because, umm, it was kind of, uhh… kind of definite, the ultimate update to the Subnet and the… Well, this is what I’m going to be writing this article about… in a few days.

[Matuesz silently makes notes about updated locations for several minutes.]

[A child shouts something to Mateusz.]

[Mateusz answers in Polish.]

[mozuright followed Mateusz, but he missed the notification.]

Mat: Somebody followed but I, but, umm… stream [unintelligible] was [unintelligible] as always. On Maxi.

Mat: mozuright, thank you for your follow.

Mat: Again, thank you.

[Mateusz continues making notes on Notepad silently.]

[Mateusz stumbles across the air filtration puzzle.]

Mat: Goddammit, how do you solve this? I forgot, I forgot where’s the… the filtration system.

Mat: I can take a look at the [unintelligible] answer.

[Mateusz looks up the solution out of screen.]

Mat: 128…

[Mateusz finds the missing propeller blade and puts it in place.]

Mat: AEL…

Mat: This is it. This is it.

Mat: And now this should be open… yes!

Mat: Right.

[Mateusz continues playing.]

Mat: Dammit!

Mat: Some [unintelligible.]

[Mateusz continues playing.]

Mat: This was a massive year for Submachine, err, Universe project. We’re up to fifty-two rooms already. And this is only the beginning.

[Mateusz continues playing]

Mat: Eight.

Mat: This one is the missing one from the so-called Jatsko cluster, which should be reh, renamed to Apocrypha Cluster, probably.

Mat: This one’s got three rooms.

[Mateusz looks confused for a second.]

Mat: I skipped one.

Mat: Okay, we’ll do the five, and then we’ll get back to this one. I remember the sequence.

Mat: 513. That’s an obvious one.

Mat: This one’s laggy even on my computer screen. I-i-in my, on my, in my… super computer. This is graphics. This is how-, This is basically why I have to move away from Flash, and I have, because… the more the graphics… look better and are more detailed, the more the Flash just can’t handle it.

[Mateusz counts the rooms in 513.]

Mat: Ten rooms.

Mat: If I make a mistake in my math over here, then, please tell me, if my adding abilities are… gone.

[Mateusz moves to SPN in SU.]

Mat: This one is [a] short one, this is three rooms. Now I have the nice number of eighty.

[Mateusz moves to Semotus Basement in SU.]

Mat: This one is probably one of the biggest locations, because it’s kind of mirrors the first submachine in how many rooms you have.

Mat: Twenty one… without the upper deck that is, that’s, umm…

[Refers to the as of yet unlocked part of the basement]

Mat: How many was there? … Please bring on…

Mat: Ah, but I do know, let’s just look at the original file.

Mat: These chambers will change in a minute, because I’ll have to include those previous two locations over here. So they, so they will be checked again.

Mat: I’ll just have a look at the… source file for, for, for this location… 840.

[Mateusz opens Flash.]

Mat: 125, so after the…

Mat: Okay.

Mat: 950.

[Mateusz fills his document with some numbers.]

Mat: Hope that‘s okay now.

[timestamp about: 0:29:00]

Missing stuff.

[timestamp: 00:59:18]

[Q: *** 2. Where is the Edge located exactly? Is it a wall between the Core and the Outer Rim, or is it surrounding the Outer Rim? Or both things are true, and we travel to the outer part to disable the inner part's defenses? How does one explain the human infestation map in Submachine 6?]

Mat: So we are getting to the nitty-gritty of it. Seems to me that the Edge is not... is not this one place that was created and then finished. Seems to me that the defence systems grew with the Subnet.

[Yombai_aka_Prupp says: "so this "sub-Earth" doesn't have a green hue, as our Earth has?"]

Mat: No, this "sub-Earth" does have the green hue, right. When you look at the sky of this, of this planet, when you, when you finish the game, it's kind of green, greenish. That's what I meant. I didn't mean, like, like, when you look from, from the outside onto the planet, perhaps I meant like you're looking through the athmosphere onto the cosmos. Then, in our case, that's, well, it's kind of grey right now. But it's kind of blue, right. The blue skies. But at the end of Submachine you see a green, kind of greenish.

Mat: So, the Edge was evolving with the expansion of the Subnet. That's my answer. And, going a bit more into it, I think it was firstly for the Core, right. It was created for the Core. Then you can look at it like, ugh, like, giant country expanding, and placing more and more defences around the new Edges of it.

Mat: But this expansion... I can't exactly tell you when it happened in relation to the things that happened to Murtaugh and Elizabeth.

Mat: Okay, does the answer to the first question of this batch of questions in question number two?

[Yombai_aka_Prupp says: "that's hidden from us now, because of future games, and not spoiling, right? I think that's better"]

Mat: Well, you know, I don't know what's going to be in future games. So I'm not entirely sure what I'm spoiling and what I'm not spoiling over here, because... But I wanna give you some closure on those most important questions for you, guys.

Mat: H-human infestation map was created by... was created by the sub... let me say subbots <unintelligible>

[01:04:45] [coughs]

Mat: You can argue if it was Shiva or not. Sure.

Mat: And yes, in that game we travel between different parts of the, of the Edge defense systems.

[Q: *** 3. What does the Defense System actually do and what is it protecting? Who are the turrets for and where are they pointed? Does it govern the subbots? Does it protect the Core or is it at the outer edge of the outer rim? Are the defenses in or out?]

Mat: Well, they are definitely out, spreading from the Core outside. That's a good question, about the purpose of the defence system. I'll leave it for now.

Mat: I think... if there's a possibility that, possibility that the Core was to be invaded not by, by humans, but, but the expanding Submachine itself, kind of collapsing on itself, like imploding, like, like turning to a red dra... dwarf or something like that. Does it make any sense?

Mat: It doesn't have to exactly, you know, shoot at people. If you know what I mean. It can destroy other parts, for example, of the subnet.

[eddygould says: "Oh the questions", "Oh the answers"]

Mat: Yeah, it's the questions. "Oh, the answers". The answers are coming, I hope. ...The thing is, I feel that even if I answer _all_ the questions, it'll only create more questions. That's how these things go usually. [waves his hands]

[eddygould says: "Oh the webcam"]

Mat: Webcam. Yeah, it was present for the longest time, just not pointing in this direction, right. [points at his face] Besides, it's going to be f... looking down again, probably next stream, when I have to create another watercolour Submachine drawing.

[Yombai_aka_Prupp says: "hahahh, I see you are regretting this decision a bit"]

Mat: what decision? I'm regretting what decision, Yom?

[Yombai_aka_Prupp says: "answering questions"]

Mat: Answering questions. You know, I remember when I s-s, I s-s, I s-said, when I told you guys that okay, let's... let's create the list and let's answer them, I remember about, I know, two days later I just thought to myself: "what the hell have I done?" [chuckles] It's like poking, you know, the wasps' nest. Or the ants' <...>. [Mateusz smiles, makes hand movements like he's poking something with a stick.] But let's see, let's see how, how far can we go with this lore of the Submachine. So where were we?

Mat: The purpose of the defence system is to protect the Core from the collapsing parts of the Outer Rim. Right? Not only invade, being invaded by people because the infestation is going on, and we've seen it before. We've seen the map of infestation. But, uhm, those turrets are kind of... These are not, like, defences against humans, right. These are to be... These look like, I don't know, air defences, like in the real life, you know, the turrets for the defending from, from planes or something like that. So in my opinion, in my mind, the defence system of the, of, of the Edge is defending itself from something that's, hm, more or less the same size. [Mateusz gesticulates] Right? Like one ship defending against another ship. Like in Star Wars, for example. You have b-big space ships, they shoot big cannons against one a-, one another. Yeah. Yeah. [Mateusz drums his fingers on the table] That sounds good to me.

Mat: Ah, more questions in the chat! How nice.

Mat: "Is resin a some method of treatment from karma using by the Submachine?" [asked by eddygould] Wha?.. Who?.. What do you mean? Wait, you haven't received the activation email from the forum? How long was that ago? It's automated, you should get it, I don't know, in a couple of seconds after you register. So, you registered. But, if you haven't got it, then there's something wrong with the system. You should contact some admin of the forum.

[Yombai_aka_Prupp said: "Submachine death stars confirmed']

Mat: Yes, yes. Well, maybe not _Death_ star, you know, but the, Imperial cruiser. Right.

Mat: By the way, anyone seen latest Star Wars? What do you think?

Mat: The Defense System does not govern the subbots. I can get you to the subbots a bit more right now or later on. I don't know if there are more questions about the subbots, but let's leave it as it is right now.

Mat: "Does it protect the Core or is it at the outer edge of the outer rim? Are the defenses in or out?" Yes, as I said, the defences are outwards, toward the enemy, that enemy being other, rogue parts of the subnet growth.

Mat: This should be pretty self-explanatory right now.

[Yombai_aka_Prupp says: "in some ways [the latest Star Wars movie is] better than ep7, some ways wore"]

Mat: Really? I kinda had an overall feeling that really nothing was going on, and kind of...

[towerofnix says: "Typo "suubnet" ;)"]

Mat: Where? Subnet, subnet, subnet... Thanks. And, uhm, hi Tower, by the way.

Mat: This new episode, besides of how they treat Luke and what they've done to him, there was nothing going on in this movie. Just, you know, two ships slowly moving in one direction. For, I don't know, three fourths of the entire movie. Waiting for the first ship to run out of gas. [Mateusz pauses, moves his hands as though they're chasing each other very slowly] Still going. Fourty minutes later - still chashing... chasing. And there were parts that turned out to be completely... [Mateusz shakes his head in epic exasperation] pointless. For example, the, the code breaker, the Benicio Del Toro character. Which was fantastic, but I've done nothing with it, nothing.

Mat: Jesus, this, this wasn't saved. [saves the .txt file where he's been writing the answers]

[Yombai_aka_Prupp says: 'yes!! I want Del Toro to come back"]

Mat: Yeah, I think Del Toro will come back. But, as it is now, you know, we'll have to judge this movie by, by what we have, as it is now, it's completely pointless. Well, all sequels with, within... on the, on the planet of rich people was completely pointless. Nothing, nothing was achieved. And there was also some very, very cringy stuff. At the end, when she said that, that to him, when she, ugh, when she stopped him from being a hero that saves his friends, like, sacrificing himself, and she stops the man and tells him that the way is not fighting the enemy but loving... but, but saving who we love... it was just so facepalm-y for me. [facepalms] That was just the worst possible answer. And I've never thought that Star Wars would tell such a thing. That's, like, straight from the Care Bears, or, I don't know, the... what['s] it called... Teletubbies. Right?

Mat: Okay, so have we finished the question about the Defense Systems of the Edge? The purpose is to protect it, it's outwards, it does not govern the subbots. Okay.


[Q: *** 4. If the Lighthouse is a part of the Core and the Root is a part of the Outer Rim, how can they be connected physically (as seen in Submachine 5)?]

Mat: Is it possible that is... that a boundary goes through them, maybe, perhaps?

[eddygould says: "What is that floating symbol in the left side of the Escape from Jay Is Games room? A special kind of karma portal?"]

Mat: No, that was not a special kind of karma portal. I believe this symbol appears in... again, in... It was kind of a tease, ugh, to connect this game with the Subnet. Right? Because how you find this location in the Subnet is through that symbol. Let me open up the file, ugh. Okay, I've got a new follow[er]. If you tell me how to read it... Serverjota? Is it okay? Thank you for your follow. Where was I?..

[Mateusz pulls up the SubVerse window, it shows obs]

Mat: So, look. Where was it? [Mateusz finds the Kent Falls room] It was here. See? It's the same symbol, right. Is it the same symbol, or am I missing something? This leads to 731, which is this location. So it was just kind of, ugh, red herring, right, placed inside of [a] game, ugh, "Escape from Jayisgames". This one. It is some kind of karma symbol, right? It's not a portal. It would be active.

[Yombai_aka_Prupp says: "red herring inception"]

Mat: Yes, exactly. It is a red herring inception.

Mat: There is more inception in my games, for example, Daymare Town 1. In Daymare Town 1, you have... [opens up DMT1, finds the soldier picture] This is from comic books, right, Revolutions. In the second one you have, ugh, characters from Morphs, my other comic book, um, series.

[DesmodusI says: "karma spraypaint"]

Mat: Well, okay, yes, the karma spraypaint, but, ugm, this idea was explored before, because when you look at the location of WorldisQuiet, right... [opens up wiq] When you look at this location, who can tell me how the hell did this happen? [hovers over the destroyed karma portal stand and "threads" of karma] What happened here? Any ideas? This is also clearly somebody using this device to turn a portal into a, a stream of pure energy, energy to open the wall. Right? [picks up a piece of chalk] Yeah, a piece of chalk. See, it was kind of done before, right, by me. The idea that you can not only, for example, draw portals, but you can also do something else with this energy. [clicks through some more wiq rooms] Right?

Mat: Okay, smartypants, the answer to that would be... [long pause] border between [the] Core and the Root is not, is not necessarily... How to say this? I know, I know the words, I just don't know how to phrase them. [types in the .txt document] I don't know if that's that easy to do, not just to say that something's inside, something's outside of the Core. And where's the boundary, actually? We don't know that. What's the exact border, you know, where one ends and another one, er, starts? I'll get back to it.


[Q: ** 5. What is the true layout of the Lighthouse? Is the painting shown in Submachine 1 correct? If so, why can't we see the entrance nor the third floor window in Submachine 2?]

Mat: Who asked that? I think that, uhm, the painting is not correct. But not only because there is a difference in inside architecture of the building, but also when you exit in Submachine 10 and you see that the top doesn't look like, like the one drawn. Right? Those are different. Let me have a look. Hold on. [opens the painting in Flash] Does it look like the ending of Sub10? Who can tell me? That's not the same building. That's just the idea. Or, again, this [points at the painting] might be in a different layer than the lighthouse we are going through in Submachine 2 and 10.

Mat: It only seems like a, like an answer that's kind of invalid. That, you know, all the differences, I can just point to the different layers. That's kind of how it goes in Submachine, right. When you see the same things that kind of should be the same, but [are] different, ugm... it's the layer thing. [types] The painting is not correct concerning the architecture of the actual... [continues typing] Listen to this: that painting could be from another layer. There you go. [shakes the invisible dust from his hands] Question done.


[Q: ** 6. Do the structures seen at the ending of Submachine Universe imply that the player didn't exit the Subnet from any of them because they weren't their home layer?]

Mateusz: But they kind of are, because you can see them clearly, with the observatory, because you leave the observatory, right? You see them on the same layer, on the same plane of existence.


Mat: They are the home layer, as is the observatory, but... It was just a matter of sheer coincidence that [we] left [through the] observatory and not those... <unintelligible> those structures? These telescopes. Right? <unintelligible> telescopes? I don't know. Well.


[Q: ** 7. Where is the Kent we keep hearing about? England, Connecticut or some place original to the Submachine canon?]

Mat: Kent is, ugm... [pause] unrelated.

[a child's voice. Mateusz has a short conversation with his kid.]

Mat: Alright guys, some buzz at the door. I have to answer. Okay.

[Mateusz walks out of the room, comes back after a couple of minutes]

Mat: Okay, I'm back. Just a postman.

[TheKonijn24 says: "Hence why the painting was removed."]

Mat: The painting? Where? From where? The painting of the, uhm, lighthouse, right? Yeah, just a delivery. [types] Kent is somewhere unrelated to the [our] geographical layout. What more can I say? It's not England, it's not Connecticut.

Mat: Right, guys, now it's kind of all dark already. And what you see is thanks to the light from the monitors. If I make those white screens dark, you'll see the difference. Look. [Mateusz minimizes all his windows, showing the dark background. Now his face can barely be seen. He restores the windows.] That is fine, I guess, for now.


[Q: ** 8. Why do all the layers have a black void in the background while in Submachine 8 we see different sky backgrounds?]

Mat: We see only one, right? In the second layer. That's why. The layers are different. Each layer is different. Light disperses... disperses? is that such a word? I'm not sure. [types] Dispersing. Yeah. I know it's, like, a two star question, but it's kind of easy to, you know, to guess.

[Yombai_aka_Prupp says: "makes sense, however I would like to know what inspired the name [Kent], if possible?"]

Mat: Wait, what inspired what name? Yeah, <...> "Makes sense, however I would like to know what inspired the name [Kent], if possible?" What name? [pause] Kent. Hmm. God damn it, I don't remember, actually. You know that you're asking me a question about the thing that I had in my mind 17 years ago, no, 12 years ago, right? 12 years ago. I don't think I remember, actually, why was it Kent. I think because... It was Kent just because it was kind of relating to somewhere, in our, you know, daily lives, in our <...> geographical outlay, as we are. But [it] was also kind of removed. It could be anywhere, actually. I don't know, I had to do something, right? Yeah. It could have been, eh, it could have been inspired by the Kent waterfall; that was probably it. It was, you know, vague enough to, to be a bit mystical.

Mat: That's my answer.

[timestamp: 01:43:10]

Missing 1:43:10-2:52:00


While this is just preliminary talk, it is still interesting to look at.

"We didn't leave the Stone Age, because we ran out of stones."

17 Jan 2018 14:19
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Ant, if I was gay I'd fucking marry you. Maybe you should make a threa(d or t) for archiving chats in text from Youtube streams and Twitch streams. Would be huge amount of work but it would be worth it (In my opinion)

17 Jan 2018 15:11
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I would agree with Ko9. There are a bunch of Discord discussion that I feel should be archived, and having them all spread about doesn't seem like an efficient method of archiving. Then again, I am not you.


17 Jan 2018 16:43
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are you serious. o_0

pls don't transcribe me as it shows even more how much of a moron I am.


17 Jan 2018 20:19
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It doesn't make you look moronic. It makes you relate-able. It says 'This is just a guy. Don't fret about it".

Totally a human. Honest!

17 Jan 2018 20:49
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