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 Submachine Universe 
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Well it would be awesome. SUBNET ON STEAM!!! :DDDDDDDD

17 Feb 2017 18:43
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Okay, so far:
Wisdom Gem Holders being used is a no-go due to SubVerse being stand-alone.
Cipher Plate Transporters are a no-go until SubVerse Steam

What else?
ShadowNiL wrote:
4 spare Wisdom Gems, 2 Soap, Karma Vial, Propeller Blade, Bell Cube, and the Chalk.
There's those two balance scales that read Error in 672 and 806
There's those two flat pedestals in JSK HPL and the drawer in 614, that are just begging for Karmic Water bowls.
There's those closed pipes in 100 (that Mateusz said he might extend at some point)
There's the Sub 0 area in 103 that's still closed (that Mateusz said he might extend at some point)
There's the rusting wall in 002 that looks perfect for a ladder (but Mateusz said he'll probably leave it the way it is)
There's that second portal we see from the back in 411
There's that hook facing outward in 411, as if something can anchor there or tie rope to.
There's the 5 other Karma Portal rings in 523 (that are confirmed to be for future locations)
There's the spot under the portal in 552 where you get the secret in Sub 5
There's the area behind the arrows in 601
And one of the grates that was closed in Sub 2 that leads out into the ruins is open in 461, but we have no access to it from our side of the sewers.

Behind the arrows in 601 might be an isolated part of Sub 0 like 992 is.
Not sure if there can be anything done with the secret spike in 552, maybe Karma Portal at the tip?
The hook in 411 is too out of place to dismiss. Doubt it'll be for something like a ship from Sub 10, but it feels like a rope item might be used there to access some other part of the location? Maybe to the second portal in 411?
Still feel that 002 remaining a one-room location is wasted potential, but it's one of the first rooms in SubVerse, and the perspective of the room itself is somewhat unsettling, so there's that.
Doubt the grate being open in 461 is significant, that's just to show there's access to that part of the sewers we didn't see in Sub 2, but we can't get to it (yet).

I'm just throwing ideas around. What do you guys think?

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17 Feb 2017 22:27
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ShadowNiL wrote:
There's the spot under the portal in 552 where you get the secret in Sub 5

This always made me very suspicious, so much that it's invariably the first place I check when there is a new update.

18 Feb 2017 14:01
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I always thought the circle lump in the pedestal is a place to put a Karma/Plasma ring, which once placed activates the beamer.

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18 Feb 2017 15:46
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Ko9 wrote:
(...) While we know there are also others in not toot locations. (...)

"toot" he he he :mrgreen:

Also, cipher plates in the Steam version sounds amazing!! Sub5 has always been my favourite.

This is getting not really. (2017 Prupp here) awkward

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19 Feb 2017 22:05
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